Desi Mom Transforms Ordinary Tissue Paper Into A Jasmine Gajra For Daughter, Twitter Reacts

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I love how creative people are always brimming with ideas. They can see the hidden potential in mundane, everyday objects and transform them into something beautiful that the rest of us could never even imagine. A while back, a woman turned a broken mirror into a Disney painting during the quarantine.

Now, Twitter user Surekha Pillai has shared how her talented mother created a jasmine garland (malli) out of tissue paper! All of this hard work despite her suffering from joint pains!

my mom made this for me (from tissue paper) ❤

— Surekha (@surekhapillai) February 22, 2021

going to wear it with everything (lol can you see it) 😌

— Surekha (@surekhapillai) February 22, 2021

(okay okay last one. just look how pretty it is 😭❤. my mom sat patiently for hours to make it for me even with all her joint aches and pains. this strand of malli smells lovelier than all the flowers my hair has seen.)

— Surekha (@surekhapillai) February 22, 2021

People think that Surekha’s mom has breathed life into an inanimate object as her ‘kagaz ke phool’ look as real as fresh flowers. But they’re better as they’ll last forever.

Kagaz kae phool..he he

— sp (@Sandhups2) February 22, 2021

I wouldn’t have realized it’s not real if I hadn’t read what you wrote. Your mother is so creative. Kudos to her

— Sharon Daniel (@Sharondann11) February 22, 2021

So beautiful 😍 everlasting flowers.

— yash (@yadsul) February 22, 2021

She has got jaadu in her hands I guess .💚 The creativity that she made….jaise bejaan main jaan dal di 😁

— Almas | الماس (@titaniumals) February 22, 2021

Oh these are beautiful. What dexterity! Post more pix

— aditi gaur (@140wisdompearls) February 22, 2021

I have seen one of my friend in USA buy this back then when I was doing medicine in 1982 in Chennai.she said they will spray jasmine perfume on it and wear it for occasions and weddings.looked so original

— DrTasnim (@DrTasnim5) February 22, 2021

No wonder Surekha wants to wear them in her hair every day and says that they smell lovelier than fresh malli. The most creativity I have shown is turning a mithai box into a jewellery organizer. Do you have a creative makeover that you’re immensely proud of? Tell us.

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