From Good Writers To Dusky Heroines, People Online Point Out Things Tamil Cinema Lacks

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Over the years, we’ve seen several regional films receive great accolades from people across the globe. Be it Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, or Bhojpuri, Indian cinema has been producing phenomenal films in regional languages. However, even though we have a few exceptional movies, people are debating whether there’s room for improvement.

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Recently, a twitter user asked people to point out the shortcomings of Tamil cinema. As cinema might influence the real-life behavior of people, many individuals pointed out the flaws in Tamil movies.

what does tamil cinema lack?

— office stan acc. (@did_i_stutter_m) January 9, 2021

From mentioning how normalizing mental abuse in films is not okay to demanding for equal representation for women and writers in the industry, have a look at what people said:

Tamil women

— ♡ கிளி ♡ (@bbg_venus) January 11, 2021

They need to de-normalise and stop having scenes where the husband slaps the wife. Like why is that in almost every Tamil film? 😠💀 Just because she’s your wife doesn’t mean its okay to slap her. Cinema can influence real lives, habits and behaviours.

— ♡ (@myxrahh) January 9, 2021

Can they like get actresses who don’t have clear skin like people with acne and freckles.

🥳2021 bitch🥳 (@Saaaannnnjjjj) January 10, 2021

appreciation for dusky/dark skinned actresses who can actually act 😒

— Nithya Elangkovan (@nithyasree_) January 9, 2021

Employing good writers rather than the directors themselves writing the story. If the director himself/herself can write a good story, then well enough. But if they can’t, then they should shut the fuck up and hire a writer. People like Atlee, Karthik Narine, etc shld learn that.

— Thanoothu Vivasayi (@jeevanantham100) January 10, 2021

Good Writers to start with.
There are Directors who are basically Good writers but are bad Filmmakers. There are directors who are good filmmakers but are bad writers. If this can be fixed and directors start collaborating.

— Pratip Vijayakumar (@thatpalaniguy) January 10, 2021

Remove cringe love chasing of utter waste hero character to ambitious and irrelevant heroine character. It sets a bad example for the society.

— prashanth (@prashanth2204) January 10, 2021

Stop normalising stalking, it’s creepy and also uncomfortable

— yesyesverynice (@drnkbaphmt) January 11, 2021

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The stark contrast in the above “between Tamilnadu and bordering states” is real life dark humor.

Dubbing artist in an original feature film is an insult to the audience.

— Gaian (@kayan2727) January 12, 2021

Romanticizing of verbal/mental abuse in relationship and referring it as love

— Gayathri (@gayathri90kumar) January 11, 2021

would kill to have a Tamil movie following a queer Tamil story starring queer Tamils
we can never have all three

— ♡ கிளி ♡ (@bbg_venus) January 11, 2021

Even Tamil men also 😂
only few are from Tamil background

— தனசேகர் (@SaivaTamila1) January 11, 2021

Budget and technology

— Vickna (@Vickna5) January 10, 2021

Characters which aren’t bound to any moral compass

— Trance’dGuy. (@netizen01) January 10, 2021

Don’t some of these points apply to films made in Bollywood and other regional cinemas too? What do you think? Tell us!

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