People Share Their Experiences Of Going On The Worst First Date Ever

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Let’s agree that first dates can be nerve-wracking. After all, you never know how things are going to go. You might either love chatting with your date or simply hate the time spent with them. For instance, I once went out with a guy who arrived an hour late and then told me he forgot the way. Matlab kuch bhi!

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Hilariously, I am not the only one who has been in such a spot. Several people have experienced going on bad dates. Don’t believe me? Well, American comedian and television host Jimmy Fallon recently asked people to share their worst first date experiences. He even shared details about his friend’s terrible first date.

My friend went on a first date and took her to see "Taken." There was no second date. #WorstFirstDate

— jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) January 6, 2021

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Needless to say, several people online flooded twitter with their worst first date experience kyunki ‘Why should you suffer alone’. Have a look at these hilariously terrible dates people went on. 

My cat locked me out on my balcony just before a Valentine's 1st date. Date arrived, did nothing, my neighbors called a locksmith. After I'm free, I apologize for ruining his fancy plans, and he said "no worries, I only showed up to tell you I knocked someone up." #WorstFirstDate

— jessica poteet (@MarkDownHandsUp) January 6, 2021

💁🏼‍♀️ … On a blind date before the salads arrived he told me I would never be the mother of his children because I was genetically flawed since I wore contact lenses. #WorstFirstDate

❣ᎮᏒᎥᏕᏕᎩ❣ *Radical Left Member* *Antifa* *Nasty* (@PrissyBritchez) January 6, 2021

A guy asked me to marry him on the first date. I asked him what his last name was.


— Meredith Lee (@meralee727) January 6, 2021

#WorstFirstDate I was a sr in high school & had a date with a really cool guy. After he picks me up,I was so nervous that I got into a car with a couple in it.They looked at me like I was nuts.I apologized to them and told my date that I knew them & wanted to say hi! Yikes!

— Nickie Adler (@Napa2loveswine) January 7, 2021

On my #WorstFirstDate ever, bro was drunk when I arrived, puked all over the front walk of the bar as we left, and asked for a ride home. When I pulled up to his place, he raised a suggestive brow and said "Want to come up?"

— J. Moody (@SEPAnovels) January 11, 2021

#WorstFirstDate This girl asked me to take her to a specific bar. Upon arriving she ran over to a group of people leaving me at the front door and started talking with them. I sat at the bar for two hours till she came up to me and said, "I'm gonna go home with my friends."

— Joe Nelson (@joeTHISnelson) January 6, 2021

He asked me out for a double date where he liked the girl in the other couple. We went to the movies and he complained the whole time about how expensive it was. Hate the movie Tangled to this day. #WorstFirstDate

— Emily Gates (@emilycgates) January 6, 2021

#worstfirstdate I was on a date with this guy at a pub, when we were going to leave I realized my car had been towed so he spent the next few hours driving me to the impound lot, spending $1500 to get it released. No second date 🤣@jimmyfallon

— Jeni wonders and wanders (@Jeniwanders) January 6, 2021

Dude was an hour late to pick me up.
He said, “Sorry, I was marinating chicken with my twin brother.”
At the end of the date he admitted he had actually been jacking off. 🙃#worstfirstdate

— Lauren Slone (@laurenmslone) January 6, 2021

My friends fixed me up on a blind date. Turned out to be my landlord and I was a month behind on rent. #worstfirstdate

— 110Macomber (@110Macomber) January 6, 2021

She spoke about her ex for 30minutes straight; of which 10minutes were about how good his hair was. By the end of the date, all I wanted to do is know where he bought his shampoo from#WorstFirstDate

— Kai S (@takekairavme) January 6, 2021

My first date was a tinder date. I was nervous but I decided to give it a try. We decided to meet at the mall and walk around and catch a movie later. I met him and he had my favorite flowers, candy, and even a gift! …..he also brought his mom, and his sister. #WorstFirstDate

— Rose (@Ro_ro__Golden_) January 6, 2021

I went on a first date in a white sundress a long time ago and knocked over a strawberry daiquiri in my lap (there wasn’t a second date) 🤦♀#WorstFirstDate

— Becky Kohler (@RockOnSista1) January 7, 2021

During the first date with my favorite person, I fell asleep. I had worked 40 hours straight and sat down on a super comfy chair. I was out until it was time to go home. I was the bad date #WorstFirstDate

— Amy DuFrene (@amydufrene) January 7, 2021

What’s the worst date you have been on? Tell us!

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