130-Strong SMC Staff Without Salary For 5 Months

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Srinagar– Srinagar Municipal Corporation has not paid the salaries of the 130 strong staff of the abolished Engineering wing of the Directorate of Urban Local for the past five months. This despite the fact that the Finance Department has already asked the SMC to release their salaries..

“We have been moving from pillar to post to get our salaries released. But despite the assurances, the salary has yet to be paid,” said an employee who didn’t want to identify himself. “Many of us entirely dependent on our salary to manage our daily expenses. We have run up huge debts in these months. More delay in payment of salaries will make it difficult for us to survive”.

It was in February this year that the administration changed the “framework for execution of civil works”. And to this end the administration abolished the Drainage Division and Engineering wing of the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies. The staff was transferred to Srinagar Municipal Corporation and Jammu Municipal Corporation. But while those who joined JMC have since been paid their salary, their counterparts in the Valley continue to be denied.

“We have completed all our formalities upon joining the SMC and have been delivering our duties at the new postings. But the salaries are not being released,” said another employee. “We don’t know what is the reason when even Finance Department has too given a go ahead to our salaries and asked the SMC to pay”.

Despite repeated attempts SMC commissioner and Joint commissioner t didn’t respond despite several calls and texts.

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