Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8 April 2021: Check Latest Episode Spoiler Alert Twist & Turns

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Hello, Peeps Therefore we are back again with the latest update of the Sony TV well-liked show "Kyu Uthe Dil Chhod Aya". In the previous scene, we have observed that VBVeer's dear associate returns & they have preferred to tie the knot. Veer brings her to the haveli with him where Rajmata performs her consume an old neckband & Veer takes her to present haveli. Besides this, Amrit is controlled by the phrases of families as her appearance is determining the life of her kin. 

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8 April 2021

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8 April 2021 Full Episode Highlights

Therefore, she selects to move off from the home & live separate. Whereas she was proceeding out from the residence she used to remember every single flash of the apartment she used to do in the house. On the opposite side, Verr & her associates becoming more passionate & use to present their illusions to one another. Anaita impersonates his adolescent playing toys & this addressed Veer provoked & following he screams at her whereas she is neglecting him. Observing him this furious she moves from that moment to her father. 

On the other side, Amrit leaves the home & she was so anxious & weak. Currently, the query is that what would she be going to do now how might she going to go through her living on earth individual. Where do would she live or passes on he returns back Ranfhir in her life or not. Though she used to think such a tremendous amount regarding how individuals would going to taunt her relatives with this impression &  they would going to experience a lot perhaps.

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So therefore in the current scene, we would be going to witness that Amrit arrives to live with her sibling. What's more, further, she is oblivious of the reality that her life is going to take a long bend which may change her life critically as she is crazily in love with Rnadhir though in this today's scene we would going to witness Veer use to questions her sibling for Amrit to tie the knot with him. Moreover, performed, therefore, he can take retribution for Anaita. Amrit is as though with the anticipation that Rnadhir would arrive to meet her & the two of them would go have some great time on earth collectively as they craved years earlier. 

Whereas on the opposite side Randhir is progressing to free from jail & he is furthermore envying to meet Amrit initial from everyone else. We could witness in the promo clip that he stated to the cop's organisation "at the end I receive the moment to meet the one whom I'm eagerly be waiting for such a lengthy time." Though the questioning is would something transpire as the two of them are requiring. At that moment, you require to witness the complete scene on Sony television at 9:00 PM IST and stay connected with us for more latest updates and information. The above data is provided on the basis of www.getindianews.com.

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