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Tips to help generate more sales
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Sponsored Products can help you drive more sales and grow your business. Your ads for Amazon.in have not resulted in sales in the last two weeks*—but there are easy ways to help maximise their impact. Try these tips to help boost sales:
Review your ASIN detail pages
Descriptive product detail pages, with detailed information and high-quality images, can help turn ad clicks into conversions.
Improve the quality of your keywords
Keyword match types help you reach different shoppers as they search on Amazon. Use a range of match types to help improve your return on investment. Learn more ›
Select the right products to advertise
Advertise products that are in-stock and competitively priced so your product can be presented as the featured offer.This will help your products be seen by shoppers. Learn more ›
Attend our weekly webinars
Join our weekly webinars to ask questions in live Q and A sessions with our marketing specialists to further optimise your ad campaigns for success. Learn more ›
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We're closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19 and its impact on our employees, customers, partners, and communities. Visit our Amazon Advertising blog,or the FAQ section to help answer some of your frequently asked questions.

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