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A glimpse of our farming method which ensures your safety and immunity
Gourmet Garden

We would love to have you shop with us at Gourmet Garden. Our mission is to provide highly nutritious, authentic tasting veggies and fruits and improve the livelihood of numerous farmers associated with us.

At Gourmet Garden, we grow veggies with great care in protected greenhouses across the country, using RO water and non-GMO seeds. This ensures that the veggies are tasty, nutritious and are not contaminated. Our farmers pack the veggies in biodegradable covers while wearing gloves to ensure you are the first person to touch the veggies with bare hands.

Here are some quick updates that we wanted to share with you.
We have moved completely to bio-degradable covers and nets for fruits and veggies delivery, thus ensuring that not only we do sustainable farming, but also that they reache you in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We have always stressed upon safety at Gourmet Garden. In fact, we have been using gloves and head masks since the time we started, much before it was mandated. Please click here to see a video of our co-founder, Vishal, explaining our farming methods. All our delivery agents are checked for temperature every morning and all your veggies reach you untouched by human. Our automated fertigation methods ensure that the plants use less than 90% of water used in normal irrigation and use significantly lesser bio-nutrients than soil grown veggies. All our Naturoponic veggies and fruits are grown without soil, eliminating one of the key sources of contamination. We do not use any pesticides/insecticides and use only natural traps to catch insects at our farms. We use only high quality, imported seeds so that you get the best variety veggies, without any risk of cross pollination. On product front, we have introduced new Living Microgreens, new fruits such as Chiku (Sapota), Pink Guava, the very rare Himalayan Gucchi (Organic Himalayan Morels (Gucchi/ Mushroooms), sourced from Kashmir), Blue Grapes and lot more. Check out our website for the same.
Here are few glimpses of our farms, farmers, and some veggies!
Vegetables and Fruits should be as they are made in nature - 100% contamination free, 100% produced naturallyWe will KEEP working on making the Gourmet Garden experience a true delight for you.
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