“I enjoy playing with Bruno”: Paul Pogba Talks About His Camaraderie With Bruno Fernandes

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The Frenchman was speaking ahead of his side’s encounter with Burnley

Paul Pogba has been in the headlines off late. His explosive interview in which he spoke about Jose Mourinho and talked about his toxic relationship with Manchester United’s previous manager has taken the football arena by aplomb.

Pogba had lambasted Mourinho, hitting out at the Portuguese for his management of players. Pogba had gone onto claim Mourinho shared no relationship with his players and was always willing to throw them under the mat to save his skin.

Mourinho had subsequently replied saying he didn’t care about what Pogba had to say ensuing Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with Everton.

In the aftermath of that interview, Pogba has given another one, one where he talks about his relationship with Bruno Fernandes. The Frenchman has gone onto talk about Bruno’s impact on his side’s modus operandi and why he prefers playing alongside him.

Pogba Talks About Relationship With Bruno

Pogba’s comments came ahead of his side’s upcoming outing with Burnley on Sunday in the Premier League.

“I enjoy playing with Bruno,” Pogba said. “He’s someone who understands the game and understands the movement that can give you a beautiful pass, he can finish too.

“He’s all over the place, he can do everything really… except defending! But really, it’s always a joy to play him, to understand him. He understands me as well, he can take my position, I can take his position as well.

“I think he suits the team, he’s a very dominant influence in our team.”

“I’m just myself with the guys and if it can help them to be relaxed and be happy and have a good performance, then I will keep doing it obviously,” Pogba added.

“I think it’s important to have a group that gel well together because football is teamwork and you have to be with everyone, you have to be connected, that’s how you win. When you’re connected like this, it’s easier to win.”

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